Online store opens today

We have done it and we are thrilled.

We have got our online store running and all it took was another lockdown and a pandemic.

As the face of retail has changed over the last 12 months and more and more of us are shopping on our computers or mobile phones, we felt it was time that we dragged ourselves in to the modern era. For too long have our customers asked "when you getting a webshop" and we have always answered "soon", but now we can prodly say "Now".

Although not all of our products will be online stragiht away it is our hope that we can get many of our great pre-owned products on the site as soon as possible and now with a Royal Mail delivery service you can get them delivered straight to your door. Or if you prefer you can get FREE click and collect and come down to the branch yourself.

As time moves on we will be bringing new improvements to the site to make it easier, simpler and visually better.

So stick around and you might be supprised.

Thank you from all our team

Money Traders.


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